The Nets cut the Wolves down

Courtesy of D-Will's twitter feed

These three Wolves (Derrick Williams, Chase Budinger and Ricky Rubio) all shared something in common on Wednesday night at the Target Center versus the Brooklyn Nets.


Chase is hurt and out until March so that is excusable.  Ricky and D Will are good to go, they just didn't play. Very Odd. Very odd indeed. Did I mention the game was as close as three points in the quarter? As a result, it was actually a well deserved 91-83 defeat for the Wolves.

It's well known that this Wolves team is beat up and just fighting to hang on and throw competent lineups out night after night and even one minute to the next. They are forced to use a collection of role players and guys on ten day contracts in big spots and in large doses.

That's what made Ricky and D Will's absences all the harder to take. 

Williams had a poor 1st half, scoring zero points, but regrouped in the third quarter and scored nine points on 4/9 shooting. It looked like that in a lineup lacking scorers, that the most talented offensive player had finally found his rhythm.  Then Williams sat. Then he stayed sitting, then he sat some more. Then it was apparent that he was not going to step on the court in the 4th quarter.  Why?  I'm not sure. Obviously scoring nine of your team's 20 points in a quarter when the Wolves outscored the Nets 20-15 is a bad thing.  (For the record, this is the second straight home game he has not played one second in the 4th quarter)

Ricky didn't play at all in the 4th quarter because JJ Barea was busy fouling and missing shots.  Apparently being a disaster on the court is better than Ricky getting FOUR assists in the third quarter.  JJ picked up FIVE fouls in about a four minute span.  That's nearly impossible, yet he did it. AND STAYED IN THE GAME.

Afterwards in the locker-room, Ricky was equal parts heartbroken and partially angry. It's tough for Ricky to really get angry but I felt for him in there because he was upset.  He gave some one word answers and when he did speak he was very disappointed. The regular media around were not used to this version. Everyone likes Ricky, so all were feeling for the kid.  He wanted to play but the coach didn't put him in. Ricky even said he was going to ask Terry Porter why didn't get in.

That's it, very strange game and the Wolves lost to the better team. I just wished we would've used our best team.

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