Sunday Roundup: Losses by the Vikings & Wolves


Thank God that Adrian Peterson is on the Vikings. Against Seattle the Vikings looked overmatched at every position except the running back position and even that was close. Peterson had a good day by rushing for 174 yards and two touchdowns but it didn't matter as  Seattle defeated the Vikings 30-20 in a game dominated by the Seahawks.

On the opening drive, AP broke a 74 yard run to the one yard line and then two plays later scored the touchdown to give the Vikings a quick lead. It all looked good at that moment.  From then on the Vikings made Russell Wilson look like Tom Brady while Christian Ponder looked like last year's version of Donovan McNabb.

I like Ponder but he has been an absolute mess as of late. I think it started with the offensive line not protecting him and it has led to Ponder being one of the worst QB's in the NFL over the past month. In the 1st four games Ponder had FOUR TD's and ZERO interceptions. Over the past five games he has only SIX TD's and EIGHT interceptions.  On Sunday his line of 11/22 for 63 yards with one interception was embarrassing. The sad thing is that is game versus Arizona was worse with Ponder having a line of 8/17 for 58 yards with one TD and two picks.  These numbers are awful in today's pass happy NFL.

Good News: Jerome Simpson led the Vikings in receiving today.

Bad News: Simpson had ONE catch and 14 yards.

The Vikings who started the season with lots of momentum, have now fallen on hard times and their 5-4 record makes it look like they are hanging onto their lives via life support.



The Timberwolves migrated to Toronto, Canada on Sunday night looking to go 2-0 to begin the season.  The Wolves had not won in Toronto since 2004 and that streak will continue into next year as the Raptors defeated the Wolves 105-86. The game got close and Toronto only led 75-73 late in the 3rd quarter but then went on a 30-13 run to end the game.

I'm not going to say much about it, I'll let you read what Timberpups online had to say in their recap. 

My only thoughts were:

  • The Wolves had 22 turnovers that led to 36 points. Teams do not win with those #'s
  • Toronto took 26 more shots than the Wolves due to the turnover and 16 offensive rebounds
  • Andrei Kirilenko is what we thought he was. Tonight he had 17 pts (6/7 FG), 6 rebs, 3 assists and 3 blocks
  • Brandon Roy looked slow again. He had more turnovers (5) than points (4)
  • JJ Barea scored NINE points early in the game and then had to leave due to a concussion. Here we go again?
  • Greg Stiemsma had FOUR more blocks tonight, that is EIGHT in just TWO games
  • Toronto's starting back-court of Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan outscored Ridnour and Roy, 44-12


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