Gophers Hockey, Tubby and the Wolves

(no longer) Tubby Time

Florida saw what a Tubby Smith coached team is all about in the battle on Sunday night to head into the Sweet 16.  After keeping the game close early, Florida went on a 20-5 run while on their way to building a 21 point lead at halftime as Tubby tried to outcoach Billy Donovan by showing how to make sure that a team's best players sit on the bench.

In a win or go home setting, why not sit guys for extended periods of time?  When Trevor Mbakwe and Andre Hollins ran into foul trouble, Tubby sat them.  Players need to be trusted in certain situations and Tubby does not trust his players. Nor is he a good coach but that's something not new to people.

The Gophers would lose 78-64 and it's time for Tubby to move on. It'll be worse next year so cut him loose now.  This was his team, this was his chance, he failed.  Don't let the door hit you on the way out Tubby.


Women's Hockey

The Gopher women are the opposite of the men's basketball squad. They are well coached and show up to play every game.  As a result of that combination, the Gophers squad won the National Championship at home on Sunday night by a score of 6-3 over the Boston Terriers.

The Gophers went 41-0 on the season and have won 49 straight games going back to last season.  That's pretty sick.  You would think there would be ONE game during the season that the team let their guard down to a team trying knock them off of their perch. NOPE.  Well coached teams don't do that.

I was interested in this game but of course with about 40 sports stations, this was not televised. That's a fail by the NCAA not getting this on someplace.



The Wolves lost to a Chicago Bulls team missing Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose and Rip Hamilton by a score of 104-97 on Sunday night.  The Wolves were out-rebounded by 20 which was the largest margin the Wolves have been out-rebounded by this season. Oh well, Operation Get Balls continues.

Game Recap by Timberpups


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